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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our product better from other video tribute companies?

We offer a way for your photos to be presented into a life story. You can arrange them into separate chapters with titles that creates a more compelling and interesting tribute rather then just playing all photos from beginning to end. We can also put full motion video backgrounds behind your photos which helps to add another element of motion to your tribute. The themes available are waterfall, ocean, nature & Christian theme. We also have a full screen image style that alternates between slowly zooming in and out for each photo.

Why do a video tribute?
What a better way to honor the life of a loved one. This can be handed down to friends and family members to be enjoyed throughout the generations. This also can be played during a memorial service and is a wonderful way to personalize the event and to celebrate the persons life.

How do I get started?
Time permitting, we can send you our photo organization kit which has separate sections to accommodate each chapter and numbered removable labels to place your photos in sequence. This kit also has a CD for auditioning our royalty free music for each chapter as well as a tip sheet to help guide you in creating your tribute.

How long does it take to produce my tribute?
As soon as we receive your photos or images, we have turnaround times at 48 hours or less. Arrangements can be made if you need it sooner.

How many photos do I need to produce a video tribute?
The amount of photos you have relates to the total length of your video tribute. For example, 25 photos runs approximately 3 minutes, 50 photos runs approximately 7 minutes, 100 photos runs approximately 12 minutes. We can add addition video clips with optional selected quotes and poems to help lengthen your tribute if you choose to have only a small number of photos.

What type of photos can I use to create my video tribute?
The video tribute can use scanned or digital images that meets our requirements of 800 x 600 or larger. We can use original photos as small as wallet size to 11 x 17 using our specialized digitizing process. If you want the Digital Photo Archive we recommend that we digitize your photos from the originals if possible, to ensure the preservation of your photos at the highest quality possible.

How do I send you my photos?
If you are sending original photos, we recommend you use a carrier that uses a tracking number such as Federal Express or UPS. If you are not using our photo organization kit, arrange your photos in separate envelopes in the proper sequence, write the name and number of the chapter on the outside of each envelope. Ship the contents in a box rather then a large envelope to protect against bending during shipping. We cannot be responsible for lost photos during transit. Our in-house process of handling photos is designed to protect against any damage or loss. We choose not to use any automatic feeders or processors that may scratch or tear your photos.

How do I send you my digital files?
You can send us a CD with the images, (800 x 600 or larger) or we can set up a folder for you to ftp to our web site.

Can I play the DVD on my computer?
Yes, you can use Windows Media Player® on the PC or DVD Player® on the Macintosh®. You can also view addition files such as your personal web site and Digital Photo Archive.

What is the Digital Photo Archive?
On your DVD the images used in your tribute are stored for safe keeping at resolutions suitable for high quality printing.

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