Life to Motion has a firm commitment in safeguarding the privacy of our customers. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact

In General
Life to Motion is committed to providing you with a safe and private environment to share your personal Life Center.

Who sees your Life Center after it has been posted online?
You, your Invitees and their Invitees can see your Life Center online. An Invitee is defined as anyone who is invited to your Life to Motion's Life Center site to view the photo album, watch the web movie or view and add to the guest book. Anyone who is invited to the Life Center online must provide a username and a password to access the site and view the contents. When you choose to share your Life Center with Invitees, those individuals will be able to view your Life Center. However, as with any email, your Invitees could forward the link to others, who will then be able to click on the link to the Life Center within the email, and see your Life Center too, provided that the username and password is included.

Life to Motion employees may see your photos while they are developed, scanned or printed. In addition, your photos may be seen by Life to Motion employees in order to evaluate, validate, or correct problems with your account.

How does Life to Motion use Customer Information?
Life to Motion uses your Customer Information to conduct business with you. Life to Motion will not use emails posted in your guest book to generate any leads for sales and marketing purposes.

Life to Motion does not share, rent, or sell any information to third party companies.

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