Sample Movies
Choose from various themes from our sample movie collection. These samples are shortened versions of the actual movies and are compressed to allow faster download times. The original movies are of much higher quality. A DSL, Cable or ISDN connection is recommended.

These movies require QuickTime. If you don't have QuickTime you can download it from Apple's web site by clicking the button below.

Sample Music Selections
Enhance your movie with background music. Life to Motion honors the copyrights of artists and musicians, therefore we have purchased the rights of the following music. Select a category to sample some of the songs in our music library.

A DSL, Cable or ISDN connection is recommended for previewing music tracks. When the music files are finished downloading the speaker icon appears, position your cursor over the speaker image to hear the music.

Motion Video Background Selections
Choose from any of the video background themes to complement your personal video movie. Click on any category to view all the video shots in that theme

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